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Warmly celebrate the guangdong kernel in hefei in 2016 feed sif forum a complete success

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On April 19, 2016-23, sponsored by the China feed industry association, the national animal husbandry station, the ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry department of national feed office, anhui agriculture committee to undertake the 2016 China feed industry exhibition was held in anhui hefei binhu international conference and exhibition center.The exhibition caused extensive concern of the feed industry.Exhibition the exhibition content is widespread, mainly include: feed processing, feed ingredients, feed additives at home and abroad (including) feed additives, feed machinery and so on new technology, new products, new technology;Animal husbandry and veterinary feed inspection and safety assessment of new technology, new products, new technology;Livestock and poultry breeding and animal by-products processing of new technology, new products, new technology;Industry propaganda media such as newspaper, magazines, information network;Information technology consulting, investment, financing, talent recruitment, etc.




For the exhibitors, the exhibition is no longer just a trading platform, is also a display of self, industry, enhance the brand image of the platform.As the rising star of the industry, our company is developing rapidly, in ensuring the quality of products at the same time, with the help of the platform to do propaganda work, trying to build this brand.We highlight the advantages on this exhibition products, attracted a large number of customers stop to visit and communicate and reduce the distance of the enterprise and customer, greatly enhance our corporate image.
Guangdong kernel will, as always adhering to the "science and technology, smooth and moist person" at the core of the management idea, is committed to growth for the biopharmaceutical industry science and technology enterprises, integrity enterprises, high-quality goods.

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